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  English Grammar @ $41.95/person    Stress Management @ $29.95/person   
Customer service @ $49.95/person    Telephone Skills @ $49.95/person + expenses 

Request Edit and Out Services
General Correspondence
1 page $20
2 pages $35
3 pages $45
Over 3 pages $12/page
Specialized, Technical or Legal Documents
Under 5 pages $30 per page
6-15 pages $25 per page
16-30 pages $22 per page
Over 30 pages submit document for an estimate

Request Business Coach Services
  Registration and introductory lesson $ 90  
10-hour bank of instruction $500

Delivery Options
Email (free)  Please mail check or money order (US dollars only, please) to:
            Englobus Group
            120 Lebo Road
            Carlisle, PA 17015, USA
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Air Mail ($1 per ounce/20g) 
Federal Express ($10 per lb/500g) 

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