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Who is Englobus Communications and Development Group?

Englobus Group is an international consulting group consisting of a network of language, communications, and culture specialists who provide practical solutions to today's global communication needs through customized solutions.

When training is the right solution, we target it to meet the needs of the:
Job function

Group works closely with clients to meet employer/employee needs within their budget and timelines using a wide variety of solutions. Our client-specific approach is designed for the success of your employees.

Englobus - English for business - around the globe

Englobus Group has extensive international experience training employees from large to small companies, group and individual programs, and with most industries and businesses.
About the founder. . .

J. Marcia Le Roy Berry, founder and president of Englobus Communications and Development Group, brings over 15 years of communications, business, and training experience to her consulting practice. She holds a Master's degree in Linguistics with a concentration in English as a Second Language. She holds additional degrees in Spanish and Media Communication Science. Among many other courses and materials, she created for McGraw Hill Inc. the Guide for Non-Native Speakers accompanying the book Business Today.

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