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Edit & Out

Do you need to send a proposal in a hurry?
Do you need your memos or letters checked for perfect English?
Is your Translation Department too busy to review your documents?

Edit & Out, a service of Englobus Group, will take the anxiety out of your English language communications. Just fax or e-mail in your business document. Our English language communications experts will review, revise, and correct your document, and send it right back to you. (Note 1)

Let Edit & Out take the worry out of our business proposals, letters and crucial communications in English, so that you can focus on what's most important - your business.

Price List

General Correspondence
1 page $20
2 pages $35
3 pages $45
Over 3 pages $12 per page
Specialized, Technical or Legal Documents
Under 5 pages $30 per page
6-15 pages $25 per page
16-30 pages $22 per page
Over 30 pages submit document for an estimate

Order Edit & Out service.
How Does Edit & Out Work?

Fax, e-mail, or mail us your documents, along with your deadline.

  We will promptly edit them for: The benefits for you are:
  Grammar It's fast.
  Usage It's easy.
  Clarity It's accurate.

Englobus Communications and Development Group can increase the impact of all your business communications. That means more business success for you.

Englobus Group - when it comes to English, we mean business - English for business around the globe.
Note 1) We guarantee the confidentiality of all your communications. Upon request, we will sign and file a confidentiality agreement with your company.

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