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More About the Executive English Program

Executive English focuses on clear communication and emphasizes training time on those items which most frequently interfere with communication.

Executive English is a complete program, not a set of disconnected courses. The skills you need for success are carefully integrated and reinforced throughout the program. They include:
   Targeted and systematic vocabulary acquisition
   Structured conversation practice
   Understanding idioms and phrasal verbs
   Focused listening comprehension practice
   Systematic pronunciation practice
   Accelarated learning techniques
   Language learning strategies
   Presentation coaching and practice
   Targeted grammar practice.

Executive English combines classroom training (using highly qualified linguists and language instructors) with evening and weekend cultural activities to enhance your language acquisition.


Executive English classes are taught in downtown Chicago near the "magnificent mile" of shops, restaurants, and fascinating museums. The average class size is 4 to 6 participants. Special arrangements can be made for smaller classes or private immersions.

Programs are available from 1 to 4 weeks in length.

Cost varies according to number of participants and length of program.

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