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More About the Language Access Audit (tm)

What does a Language Access Audit(tm) Entail?

Englobus Group audits all print and audiovisual materials for simplicity, clarity, and ease of comprehension, including:
  General readability
  Level of grammatical difficulty
  Level of vocabulary difficulty
  Use of unfamiliar idioms
  Use of unfamiliar expressions
  Culturally specific concepts and terms
  Voice and speaking style.


What are the Solutions?

Englobus Group can work with your needs and budget by offering a wide variety of solutions, including:
  Revisions to current training materials
  Supplementary materials to accompany existing programs
  Training guides for non-native speakers
  Transcripts to accompany audiovisual materials
  Seminars in adapting presentation skills for non-native audiences
  Train-the-trainer programs so you can do it yourself.

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